Eyes: Blue Height: 5’10” Hair: Brown Weight: 160


FILM Features (Complete list on request)

Steve Jobs Supporting/Eng w/ diskette Legendary Pictures
Friends & Lovers Supporting/Eric Inroad Films
Denmark Lead/Ben Scott Orange Universe Films
Harrison Montgomery Supporting/Hipster Momentum Pictures
The Village Barbershop Supporting/Manly Cross Dresser Hot Shave, LLC
Tragic Kingdom Lead/Det. Tracy Green Mountain Productions
Unflinching Triumph Lead/Cousin Donnie Kontent Films
Lady Samurai Supporting/Motel Worker Lady Samurai, LLC
The Pursuit of Happyness Supporting/Glide Shelter Worker Columbia Pictures
Isolated Lead/Steven Isolated, LLC
Wasted Lead/K.C. Picturehouse Entertainment
Revolution Summer Supporting/Bobby Gray Eminence Films
Carrier Lead/Toby Mogg Studios
Come Fly with Me Nude Lead/Jack DomBella Productions
HIDEOUT Lead/Paul Vincent Pyramid Beach Productions
Coin by Sides Lead/Charlie Bahjat Alaadel


DADS Lead/Ethan Nut Tree Productions
Erroneous Convictions Supporting/Stoner Dude Heights Productions
World’s Astonishing News Lead/Mallpasser Duo Creative
The Rescue Supporting/Gardner Winn Creation Films

THEATRE (Complete list on request)

Arcadia Septimus Jewel Theatre Company
Our Town George Gibbs Phoenix Theatre
5 Women Wearing the Same Dress Tripp Arizona Onstage Productions
Mary Stuart Mortimer Jewel Theatre Company
Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf Nick Winding Road Theatre
Dead Man’s Cell Phone Dwight Chicken Lipps Productions
The Beauty Queen of Leenane Ray Beowulf Alley Theatre
The Tempest Ferdinand The Rogue Theatre
Ghosts Oswald The Rogue Theatre
Othello Cassio The Rogue Theatre
Our Town George Gibbs The Rogue Theatre
Oedipus the King Oedipus Deer Hill Theatre Group
Things You Shouldn’t Say Past Midnight Gene Theater Q
Snakebit Gary Theater Q


Acting – Jim Noble, Chad Burton, Mauricio Bustamante, Irma Sandrey, Geoffrey Horne, Bobby Weinapple
Film/TV Workshops – Gigi Van Deckter Movement – Michael Ryan
Voice – Joyce Sarandon Singing – Jan Douglas Script Analysis – Ted Zurkowski


Bocce ball, basketball, experience with stage combat, shooting, Irish, Southern and NY accent, 10 key typing, can grow facial hair quickly, produced theatre in NYC, driver’s license, and passport.